Monday, October 28, 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It is off to the Hospital I Go

It is 4:15 am and I am nestled into my hospital recliner.

Hmmm...I'll work on that one.

But, I am in the hospital for a few days. Saturday evening I started to feel some sharp pains in my right side. I was worried it might be my appendix after playing doctor via Google, so I called my mom who brought me to the ER. Ten hours later I was diagnosed with two kidneys that were not functioning properly, kidney stones, and at least four pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in my lungs). On the sunny side-my appendix looks great!

So I have been admitted to the hospital. First up is using a different blood thinner than the one I normally use to try to ensure no more blood clots form. Then we will address my kidneys. My pain has increased slightly, but overall I feel about the same and with my painkillers all is tolerable.

Under the category of well, that sucks: Kelly and I were supposed to leave next weekend for a trip to Aruba, but that plan was (not surprisingly) nixed. We were really looking forward to a few days away together, but hopefully we can arrange something else down the road.

Much more to write, but I am actually feeling groggy and am going to try to grab some sleep.


KelliGirl said...

Stupid cancer. I hate it more than I have ever hated anything. Which is still far less than I love you.
You are in good hands - let the healing begin. My kidney offer still stands. :)

Di said...

Hope u r snoozing and reading this later in the day. Glad the pain is under control. Now let's fix those kidneys so u can get to Aruba!

Di said...

I was thinking about you today and decided to write a few words. Knowing that when you got out of ICU you would be checking to see who wrote. Well you did not get out but I still know you are reading this. I know you are pain free now. I know you are with Cora. I know you are smiling down on your family and will guide them on their journey. I know I will see you in the next life.Know you are loved.

LIN said...

I will miss you!!!